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Interactions are changing and insurance firms need new ways to better service the customer in the modern digital world.

  • Insurance companies are increasingly focused on better engagement, enhanced transparency and greater personalization

  • Policyholders are looking at an improved experience with self-service options that provides information and resolves issues in real-time

  • Customers expect to have one conversation across multiple channels, such as mobile apps, portals, live chats and virtual assistants

  • Chatbots are evolving as well - with a shift from touch as the main mode of communication - to voice


In a world defined by Digital Engagement, Firefly will help an Insurer

Create fulfillment based experiences

Provide a larger, seamless omni channel experience

Provide holistic insurance-specific conversations

Manage high volume traffic instantly and accurately



Insurance Specific Services with More
Added Every Month


End Users; Possibly the Highest
Used Insurance Chatbot Worldwide

55 | 14

Text | Voice Languages
Enabled with Learning


Jump in NPS Scores across Multiple Implementations


Unconstrained by ”Time and Space”
with Instant Responses


Accuracy of Responses;
Even with Increased Traffic


Google Assistant and
Alexa Skills Enabled


Reduction in Customer
Service Resolution Time



Focused not just on engagement, but on fulfillment of tasks, such as policy servicing, policy purchasing, and claims submission through seamless back-end integration
The Virtual Assistant (VA) is GDPR compliant. It also has the ability to include features like displaying a data privacy contract and consent; generating an audit trail; deleting individual users data on request, etc
(Multiple VAs learn from each other) Multiple VAs used for customer engagement, agent management, etc. in multiple languages learn from each other as long as they have common intents
Makes recommendations based on learning from past data and customer interactions
Reads unstructured documents and extracts data to learn and respond to customer queries intelligently
Integrates into email management system to respond to simple emails and can also replace telephony based IVR to have a single VA platform that manages all customer interactions
Has a built-in live chat engine with sentiment analysis to seamlessly hand off to a human operator being enabled soon
Proprietary bot platform that comes pre-configured with best-of-breed technology, such as TensorFlow for NLP, Google and Microsoft AI for voice-to-text and multi-lingual engine
Provides an omnichannel experience that integrates with web applications – be it a portal, a website or a third party application, such as Facebook messenger, Skype, Line, etc. - for seamless co-browsing


  Firefly Platform
The platform has the ability to consolidate interaction data from all channels of communication to make sense of all the data in order to provide a 360 Degree View of all Customer Interactions
Comes pre-built with channels like Chat bots, Live Chat, Portals, Mobile Apps, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Alexa and many others
  Data Science Layer
The platform’s modularity gives you the capability to switch the underlying ML & NLP engines, whether they are from Google, Microsoft or IBM
  Data and Integration Layer
The data lake holds all the interaction data from across all channels allowing the customer an omni channel experience vs. a multi-channel one. It also has built in integration mechanisms to your core systems



  • Candela Labs is an IP-led technology company focused on helping insurance firms and banks streamline their operations and better engage with their customers.
  • We work with marquee insurers and banks – both traditional large providers and new age tech-driven firms. Not only do we take our IP to these firms, we also work with many of them to co-create solution.
  • We offer cutting-edge technology solutions in the areas of Smart Process Automation, Customer Engagement and Legacy Modernisation. Our platforms and solutions leverage modern technologies including: RPA, AI / Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.
  • We start from the outside-in, with the end customer at the heart of every solution and process design. This focus on the end customer ensures that our solutions deliver significantly greater ROI for our clients.
  • We have strong Governance – with an independent Board represented by a retired regional CEO of a global insurance firm and the first Indian in space – along with a 300+ workforce with experience in cutting-edge technologies.